Our Mother's Day

(With our good friends the Wesley Family.)

Our Mother's Day was a very blessed one.

We got up in the morning and gave Kimberly her homemade flower pots with colored paper flowers in them, from the kids. I worked on those on Saturday with Katy Beth and Kolin.

Soon after breakfast we were off to church. What a blessing to be under sound godly preaching as we get every Sunday from our Pastor Shaun. We did really miss our church while we were on the road in Ohio, raising support and missions awareness.

We sat in on the Young adults class, which I will now take over next week. We have really missed the fellowship and friendships of the participants from this class. This class has grown and we look forward to seeing more of that.

Then was the main church service. Kimberly played piano for the main service as our regular piano lady was gone. She always loves the opportunity to jump in and help out where needed. By the way, Kim, you did a great job.

After church ended we had the blessing of going out to eat with the Wesley Family. What a joy to fellowship and renew our friendships with this precious family. Thank you so much for thinking about us. It was an added blessing to see the Lakers lose and get swept today, during our meal time.

We came home and then rested, played and relaxed. I took the kids out for a golf cart ride around campus, while "Mommy" took a little snooze. Pray for Kim this week as she goes to see a doctor about her painful feet.

We wrapped the evening up by a mother's Day meal of Korean Bulgogi and Sticky Rice, and then a walk around campus with the kiddos.

All in all a blessed day from the Lord. Thank you Lord for our mission field and ministry you have given us.

(From the Boldon Family, we hope you had a very enjoyable Mother's Day and Lord's Day.)

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